When you head to POX-ECLIPSE visit one of our apocalyptic venues


A nostalgic bunch of Marauders pilfered the remnants of the Sugartown Cabaret just as the oil crisis peaked and society decayed into something unrecoverable. They transplanted those remnants at POX-ECLIPSE and it became a haven for the thespian survivors of the wastes. Now preserved under the protection of Lord Giagantus, as it becomes a thriving centre-point for survivors to enjoy all sorts of cabaret with a post-apocalyptic twist.


Brown Shoes was once a haven for old MFP officers to escape and forget the Daily violence of survival in the Wastes. Many became bounty hunters or lone survivors, some joined gangs of marauders, but Brown Shoes was neutral ground. One by one the MFP officers fell, and their numbers thinned, but under the protection of Gigantus within the walls of POX-ECLIPSE the old club remained neutral and now many come from far away to connect, dance and tell stories of old and secrets of new.


As society decayed-new laws had to be writ. When two have beef, the Thunderdome is the perfect answer in the POX-ECLIPSE. ‘Two Enter, One Leaves’ scream the crowd full of bloodlust. POX-ECLIPSE presents The Thunderdome, where each evening the law is laid down how Aunty Entity wants it. Stare on as brutality is delivered via bungee and wasteland weaponry as vicious barbarians flight to the death in the name of the law.


Barry was an ace mechanic working for the MFP in their secretive underground garage. After the decay of civilisation, he was highly sought after my many clans for his skill for repairing war machines and survived as an asset to all. Famous for his vast collection of car parts and ability to squeeze every ounce of horsepower out of a V8 his workshop ended up becoming a bar fittingly titled ‘Barry’s’. Barry has long since disappeared into the wastes, but his bar lives on along with his legend as a gathering point for thirsty survivors.