Welcome to the wasteland where old-world pennies are no longer an acceptable form of currency. Instead, bottlecaps (caps) rule the wasteland!

Use our bottlecaps to purchase everything you need to survive the wasteland. No other currencies are accepted at POX-ECLIPSE.

You can pre-purchase your bottlecaps prior to arriving in the wasteland or buy them at POX-EXCLIPSE from the Bank.

Please be aware that it is typical for other wastelanders to have caps as souvenirs and trophies, only official POX-ECLIPSE caps are accepted as payment.

1 bottlecap = $5AUD

Caps are used at bars, food vendors, in Bartertown and between survivors. All purchasable goods at POX will be priced in incremements of $5/1cap. Unless otherwise signed, we encourage bartering in Batertown.

The Bank allows survivors to buy more caps and sell back unused caps. EFTPOS and cash transactions are welcome at The Bank. However, if you plan on using cash; caps must be bought in increments of $50 or EXACT $5 change as we won’t have a large cash float on site.

If you have prepurchased your caps, present your ticket at the bank during opening hours to receive your caps.

Bank opening hours:

- 26th Aug 10am-2pm

- 27th Aug 10am-2pm

- 28th Aug 10am-2pm

- 29th Aug 10am-midday

Caps lose their value at the end of POX-ECPLISE; midday on the 29th of August as the event and bank close. Participants must sell any remaining caps they have back to the bank by this time to transfer back to old-world money. At the end of the event, caps and their trading value return the wasteland - $0.

We encourage participants to bring a pouch or something similar to store their caps.