Welcome to POX-ECLIPSE; Australia’s first major Wastelander event where immersion is everything.

Event Schedule - Key Dates

- 12pm Wednesday 25th August; Wasteland safe to allow camping setup

- 11am Thursday 26th August: Gates open to township, POX-ECLIPSE event starts

- 2am Sunday 29th August: POX-ECLIPSE closes

- 9-11am Sunday 29th August: Final farewells, township shutdown. 11.30am Gate to Township closes.

- Sundown 29th August: Wastelanders to leave the Wasteland. Survivors returning to Perth should leave before 1pm to allow adequate travel time


A typical 2wd vehicle can access the site.

For many attending from Perth, the Wasteland is a 7hr drive from Perth. You should plan to leave yourself plenty of time to travel, be sure your vehicle is prepared for the trip prior to leave and carry a spare tyre/jack etc. Whilst driving ensure you plan for and have adequate breaks, rotate drivers and ensure your vehicle is not overpacked.


Welcome to the wasteland where old-world pennies are no longer an acceptable form of currency. Instead, bottlecaps (caps) rule the wasteland!

Pre-purchase your bottlecaps prior to arriving in the wasteland or buy them at POX-ECLIPSE from the Bank.

Unused bottlecaps can be returned to the Bank for transferring to old-world money.

Read more about caps here

Sustenance and Hygiene

Food vendors are on site and the event is licenced. BYO alcohol is not permitted.

Food, drinks and ice will be purchased using POX's currency;- Bottlecaps.

No fires or burn barrels are allowed in general camping, but gas stoves are permitted.

Weirdly, recycling bins survived around wasteland - please use them. Please leave the wasteland as you found it and take all rubbish back to the old-world.

There are showers available in Cue, with daily bus services running.


We aim to have several wasteland vendors at POX-ECLIPSE. Vendors will accept bottlecap currency only. We expect alcohol drinks to cost 1 cap, food to cost 1-2 caps. The menu will be released approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Unless otherwise signed, we encourage bartering in Batertown.


The weather out on the wasteland is expected to be clear skies with mid-highs 20's during the days moving to colder nights at 10 degs. Rain is not expected, but possible. You should plan and prepare appropriately. Read more here.

Fires are not permitted in general camping, the township will be a warm place to meet and trade with other survivors.


Staying safe in the wasteland is imperative.

Please follow the guidance of our MFP (Main Farce Patrol) through the event.

There is no power or water available during the event. Lighting will be limited so bring torches for safe navigation.

Please park your vehicle with consideration for others, and to ensure your vehicle cannot drive/roll into a tent - pitch your tent to the sides of vehicles, not in front or behind.


No fires in general camping

Fires in the Township are built, maintained and operated by event crew

Only approved fire performances are to take place

Basic Rules

18+ event. The event is a licenced event, BYO is not permitted

No fires or sound systems in general camping

Entry to the Township is only in wasteland appropriate clothing

Pets are not permitted. Service and support animals require prior notification

Weapons should be for fantasy play only

Media - photos and videos are to be taken only by approved media team

Generators are not desirable, should be used respectfully with those around them and only to be operated between 10am and 10pm.