"How do I get in there?"

Q: When will tickets go on sale?
A: Subscribe to our mailing list HERE to get all updates including ticket release.

Q : So how big is this event going to be?
A : We will be releasing 400 tickets for sale, which we expect to sell out.

Q : What do I need to bring?
A : Everything that you need to survive in the desert. Water, food, shelter, sturdy shoes, suitable clothing for all-weather, medical supplies, etc.

Q : Is accommodation available on-site?
A : No, this is a self reliant event, and you'll need to bring your own tent/swag/caravan/motorhome, etc. You are a Wasteland survivor - it is your responsibility to survive.

Q : Will there be toilets on site?
A : Yes.

Q : Is power available for campers on-site?
A : No. Generators will be permitted on a limited basis. Please subscribe for updates on generator rules if you're intending to bring one.

Q : Do I need to dress as though I'm a post-apocalyptic Wasteland survivor while I'm within the walls of POX-ECLIPSE?
A : Yes. Please visit the LAW page for information regarding costume and attitude.

Q : How far away is POX-ECLIPSE being held?
A : In the Cue area of Western Australia, approximately 6 hours drive from Perth, on the edge of the red desert.

Q : I have a vehicle that I think would be suitable / intend to build, modify or acquire - who do I talk to?
A : Great! Email us here, we'd love to hear about it : [email protected]

Q : I'm an artist / musician / fire performer / circus performer / entertainer / pyrotechnician, etc - and I'd like to be involved, who can I talk to?
A : Please email us HERE and we'll be in contact with you.

Q : Who's running POX-ECLIPSE?
A : The POX-ECLIPSE team is led by a tight knit but diverse group of experienced event co-ordinators who have been involved in successful large-scale festivals and temporary communities in Western Australia for many years.

Q : So, is this going to be a high octane, macho rev-head show?
A : No. While we are very excited about the amazing vehicles that will be in attendance, the vehicles will be joining us to add to the immersion and atmosphere of the event. There will be no drag racing / burnout competitions, etc. POX-ECLIPSE is an inclusive event, and there will be zero tolerance for aggressive / non-consensual / discriminatory / unsafe behaviour. Our vehicles will be driven at minimal speeds around the event to ensure that everyone is safe.

Q : I have a modded NERF gun - can I bring it?
A : We are yet to finalise safety rules for NERF mods - please subscribe to our mailing list and we'll keep you updated. No paintball markers / gel blasters / airsoft equipment / real or real-looking replica firearms of any kind will be permitted, even if licensed - don't bring them.

Q : I have a question that hasn't been answered here.
A : Email us HERE and we'll get back to you.