‘’Bust a deal, face the wheel’’


POX-ECLIPSE is a town and sanctuary within the barren wasteland. There is a social structure and form of order that is as close as to what we knew in the old world as ‘civilization’. It is YOUR responsibility to maintain that order within our town walls or you will be forcibly removed; “GULAG” into the unending wasteland, never to return.

Respect your fellow Wastelander’s.
Do NOT do ANYTHING without consent.
Remain vigilant, look out for one another.
ALWAYS contact a POX-ECLIPSE IMPERATOR if ANY issues arise. They are there to keep us safe in the POX-ECLIPSE.


It is NOBODIES responsibility to ensure your survival in the POX-ECLIPSE other than your own. YOU WILL make sure you have acquired the correct necessities to survive in the desolate wastelands inside and out of the POX-ECLIPSE walls.

BRING much water, it is rare in the wastelands.
Bring sustenance and shelter to ensure your survival.
POX-ECLIPSE may provide some things as a semblance of civilization, but you do not know what... YOU ARE a wasteland survivor.

There is a barter and trade system within POX-ECLIPSE. Old world currency can be traded online for in world currency to be collected at the event. Bring a satchel to keep your in-world currency. 


The old world is gone, resources are scarce, you have had to survive, and you sure as hell didn’t do it in a unicorn onesie. YOU WILL wear what is relevant in the POX-ECLIPSE of the future. Your clothing is muted from radiation and UV; it's worn, tattered from hundreds of days of survival. You only hang on to the things that will serve your purpose... TO SURVIVE. 

How do you survive in this wasteland? Charm? Wit? Trading? Are you part of a group of marauders running guzzoline-powered war machines? Are you just... QUICK? The POX-ECLIPSE is an IMMERSIVE world. You will meet strange and wonderful survivors and fearsome warlords. You will hear the roar of high-powered machines and witness strange vehicles designed for nomads who have travelled far to arrive at this place… you are part of this world... NON-ADHERANCE to the theme means "GULAG" a.k.a' 'No Entry'. There are many resources for post-apocalyptic vibes online, but for a good start, watch MAD MAX - ‘ROAD WARRIOR’, ’BEYOND THUNDERDOME’ and ‘FURY ROAD’. This is the world we are inhabiting.

No phones or modern tech will be allowed within the walls of POX-ECLIPSE. Leave them in your camp. We would like the world to be immersive and this means no telecoms. DON’T worry, there will be official photographers to capture moments which will be available to you through our website at event close. 


Whilst the wasteland is full of weaponry required to survive the day-to-day violence, we need to keep our participants safe. Costume weaponry will not be functional and will be inspected. Please leave any real items that could be considered weapons at home.

Feel very free to bring along customised NERF dart style blasters (there will be activities during the event where you can use these) and any safe weapons that are designed to be used for LARP including rubber foam machetes, etc.

Camping items may include bladed utensils, but they will stay with your camping kit, at your camp.

Fabricated vehicle mounted, non-functional items will be allowable. Just remember, police will be on site and laws apply; if your kit is of replica level accuracy, it can and will be confiscated. Get creative, cut and paint some foam rubber and make believable wastelander tools, there are plenty of tutorials on-line and everyone will marvel at your amazing props.