- 16/05/2022

Attention all wasteland survivors! The nuclear clouds are parting and it's time to escape the safety of our caves and head into a new wasteland.


20th - 23rd October 2022

Southern Cross, Western Australia

More information to follow, stay tuned to your radios.

We’ll see you in the wasteland!

POX Team 💀

📷 : @dericm.creative


- 01/04/2022

Recently a number of people received an email from Quicket. The email announced new dates for POX in October 2022. Unfortunately, this email was a little premature and we apologise for the confusion that it has caused.

Below we’re providing some more information on what happened and our plans to progress forward.

What happened?

Since the postponement of the 2021 event – scheduled for August in Cue, the POX Team have been working hard to secure a new site. As part of that search we have also been considering several new potential dates for the event.

Meanwhile…. Our postponement grace period with Quicket was ending and having a set event date is part of their legal trading terms. And so, to avoid our event being removed from their platform and us having to start the process again from scratch, the proposed October dates were entered into Quicket.

Unfortunately from there, the platform decided to reopen ticket sales and distribute the potential new dates to ticket holders. It was an unexpected outcome and shouldn’t have happened as the dates provided are not confirmed.

What’s the current status?

We can confirm that we are looking to bring POX to life in October 2022 however the specific dates are still being worked through. We can also confirm that we are in talks with the supportive council at Southern Cross. We are working with them to secure a site, as well as the necessary regulatory event approvals. However, at the moment we cannot confirm any specific information.

Where to from here?

We continue to work hard to finalise all the details and look forward to making a full announcement. We’re expecting this to happen sometime in April - so stay tuned.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of you that have kept up your support and held your tickets. Whilst this information slip wasn’t planned, it’s great to see a community still ready to support our vision.

Please keep your eye out for the upcoming announcements – these will be posted from POX’s social media and website.

We’ll see you in the wasteland!

POX Team 💀


- 04/08/2021

It is with deep sadness that the POX team has made the decision that POX-ECLIPSE 2021 is to be postponed.

As you will all be aware, the Covid situation on the East Coast continues to develop on an almost daily basis and this is our primary causation for the delay. Whilst WA has been lucky so far, the concern over growing infection numbers in other states and reaction to the recent lockdown has become a dark shadow over event planning for at least the next few months. Under the current circumstances, the event would not be able to survive a last-minute cancellation and we would struggle to cover ticket refunds and outstanding invoices, leaving us unable to ever deliver this event in the future. We are hopeful that this decision will enable us to safely deliver the event at a more stable time in the future.

As a team we are disappointed that the event is being delayed, we know that many in the community will be as well. We know that many of you were excited to be heading into the Wasteland, imaginations had been opened for what to create, make and build. We are hopeful that this delay is seen as an opportunity; that it gives you more time to work on your art, costumes, builds, crafting, clans and trades.

Ultimately, we recognised that we would rather delay and bring the event, than continue to push forward and not be able to deliver as intended - breaking our artistic vision and promise to those who have supported us.

Not being able to deliver this event on the original dates is disappointing for all of us.

With regards to the tickets that you currently hold and our plans going forward:

All tickets, bottlecap currency and pre-purchased merchandise to the August event are refundable through Quicket, less the booking fee. We will be bringing you to the Wasteland as soon as we can, and if you are able to hold onto your purchases, we encourage you to do so. All tickets and bottlecaps will remain valid for the event when we are able to hold it. The ticket remains refundable at any point if you change your mind. Refunds are likely to take a couple of weeks, and we appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

We will release more information in the coming weeks about our plans for POX-ECLIPSE going forward.

Again, thank you everyone for your support - those who have bought tickets, seeked to volunteer, intended to bring stalls, build clans or create vehicles. We have loved seeing this community and the art within it grow, and we know that will continue beyond any postponement. 

Please don’t let this news knock the wind out of your injector hat, it hasn’t stopped our crew from working. It’s an opportunity to make it bigger and better.

We look forward to seeing you at POX-ECLIPSE, as soon as we can.
POX Team 💀


- 23/07/2021

UBER talented Blaster Master ANDYWERK has been commissioned by POX-ECLIPSE to build 3 x Beautiful Blasters as prizes for POX-ECLIPSE. Not only that he has created some instructional videos step-by-step through the process.

You can win one of these by joining and winning our bounty hunter game, nerf battle or best dressed prize at POX-ECLIPSE.

Check the first part of his video series out here!


- 23/07/2021

MFP, or Main Farce Patrol, are the Law within POX-ECLIPSE. They are an elite group of skilled police that keep the populace in line and safe within the town and the outskirts of desolation. If you are interested in accessing the elite guard and patrolling with some of the coolest crew in the wastes-apply through our volunteer form and register your interest to unlock exclusive POX-ECLIPSE merch and massive ticket discounts. Become part of the community at POX-ECLIPSE.

ROGER (Fifi McAffee) WARD wants to tell you all about POX-ECLIPSE!

- 16/07/2021

Roger Ward or Fifi McAffee as he is known in the first Mad Max film, was excited to learn about POX-ECLIPSE and reprised his role especially for you all. Check it out NOW!

POX-ECLIPSE Film Festival

- 11/07/2021

The POX-ECLIPSE crew have joined forces with BACKLOT, Perth's premiere boutique cinema to bring an entire day of MAD MAX mayhem, as we play every film back to back in preparation for POX-ECLIPSE.

BACKLOT boasts 50 luxurious leather seats, world-class studio sound and a fully licensed bar to keep you enthralled for the entirety of this immersive event.

Dress in your best POST-APOCALYPTIC attire for a chance to win a very epic prize!

Boomerang Bounty Hunting Is Here

- 02/07/2021

Almighty warriors battle for bounties within the walls of POX-ECLIPSE.

Gather up your bounty hunting boomerang which comes with two ‘old world’ pennies and a severed finger, visit the Halls of Justice for information and then go and defeat them in an unruly two-up tustle.

Return victorious with your victim's finger and be rewarded with bounty hunter bottle caps to be used at the casino.

Its in-game mayhem at POX-ECLIPSE!

POX-ECLIPSE currency is here!

- 25/06/2021

Be the first to obtain your POX-ECLIPSE bottle cap currency so that you can buy and trade within Barter Town, Barry’s Bar and beyond!

“Who runs Barter Town!?”

Bottle Cap Currency is coming.

- 18/06/2021

Next Friday we drop the in-world, POX-ECLIPSE currency which can be purchased in $50 (Old World) increments. Awesome, collectable and custom made bottle caps so that you can completely immerse yourself in a POX-ECLIP'tic world.