Injured Ninja

Injured Ninja arrive from across the wastes direct from their debut performance for the revered DARK MOFO in Hobart to present the critically acclaimed 'GILGAMESH' for POX-ECLIPSE. The performance is a spectacular of high octane rock and roll and HUGE drums in the name of the END TIMES.

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A Strange nomadic tribe appear at POX-ECLIPSE. Nobody knows where they came from or where they are going but they present in the garb of some forgotten elite faction. They mesmerise the crowd of survivors with their strange and beautifully brutal sounds- the tribal leader howls into the amplification device sending waves of disarming emotion through the audience - transfixed and stunned they stare in awe.

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Dan Howls

As the earth turned sour-strange creatures were forced from the swamps which grew too barren to support life. They left there wet, marsh homes and wandered, surviving by destroying those that stood in their way. Cannibalistic and empowered by a seemingly external force-their haunting sounds could be heard across the wastes in the night, heed this as warning, those that HOWL would soon be passing through, and death shall pass through with them.

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This corpse-like remnant of a human being was found in a water tank amongst the rubble of a marauder raised village. The haunting sounds of a stringed instrument echoed from within and REVENANT was discovered, he now resides within POX-ECLIPSE, protected as a treasure by The Mohawkers.



An Amazonian beauty from a faraway tribe of electronic sirens who know the wondrous ways of old world technology. For years-foolish wanderers of the wastes have been lured to their deaths by the haunting melodies that ring out across the desolation.

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Wrath of Fenrir

Wrath of Fenrir are rumoured to be a clan of nordic tourists that made it across the oceans on a derelict oil tanker after the crisis to arrive at POX-ECLIPSE. The Wrath are famed for their brutal survival tactics and epic displays of power and majesty.

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Last Quokka

Post-Apocalyptic punkers aggressively smash riffs and beats into your face. Warriors of the Quokka clan have never been defeated. Submit or suffer their furry wrath.

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